Building writing muscle requires lots of practice, passion, and on-going assessment. Participants will review intervention strategies to aid struggling writers in developing their skills while becoming inspired to write, and to write more. A Common Core/FSS-aligned writing focus will include essay writing, research writing, narrative, information/explanatory, argument, and narrative genres. Activities will incorporate the ELA instructional shifts. Lesson and unit development will begin with a focus on building from students’ writing strength with evidence-based strategies for success. Differentiation will include peer coaching, chunking with organizers, mapping, use of teacher feedback, and more.

Course Outcomes:

  • Become familiar with, and further develop, intervention strategies focused on effective writing interventions for struggling writers.
  • Acquire and use strategy to differentiate with for struggling writers.
  • Differentiate and scaffold for struggling writers, along with the use of effective teacher and peer feedback that builds writing muscle.